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Our unique Simpson Controls approach to Building Automation Systems (BAS) will save you time and money. With continual feedback and proactive building maintenance, our clients can expect to save 10-50% on their fuel costs with a properly configured, calibrated and managed BAS.

In addition to energy savings, Simpson Controls helps your bottom line by reducing your time managing building systems and occupant comfort. Our approach helps to maximize your return:

Communication is the Key

How do you know what to fix/focus on if you are not aware of who is happy/upset and where are they located? Whether it is reports of discomfort from building occupants, rattling noises from building maintenance staff or high energy bills from "bill payers", we value any and all feedback. It is this feedback that helps you see the "big" picture and makes you aware of potential problem areas. We can help you develop a process to gather, track and report this feedback.

Savings and Effectiveness Measurement

We can help you track your building's hydro and gas bills...which ultimately reflect rate and intensity of energy consumption.

We can assist in monitoring building CO2 levels...which is a primary indicator of Indoor Air Quality.

We can help you monitor occupant complaints (volume of and from what area of the building issues are originating from)...which is the good indicator of mechancial systems' operation.

Empowering You

Simpson Controls offers 24 / 7 facility HVAC management through our web based Remote Building Energy Management service. We provide a "window" into your building's mechanical system that you can access anytime from anywhere.

Proper management of mechanical upgrades, occupant feedback and energy consumption will save you time and money and will contribute to happier, healthier tenants.

Learn more about Building Automation Systems and our Remote Building Energy Management technology...


"I've been working closely with Chuck Simpson and his team for 7 years now and find them to be excellent. Their knowledge about all the different aspects of building system automation and controls is second to none. They are able to work through the various challenges of a hospital environment utilizing their background of knowledge gained from years of experience in a wide range of fields. I highly recommend Simpson Controls and their friendly and professional staff".

Paul Sadler
Vancouver Island Health Authority
(Lady Minto Hospital)