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"We will not leave a building until it works."

– Chuck Simpson, Simpson Controls owner and operator

We strive to achieve the lowest life cycle cost for your mechanical systems' design, installation, INTEGRATION and operation.

Our Residential & Commercial Goals:

  • create a comfortable and healthy environment
  • reduce your carbon footprint
  • facilitate the lowest building life cycle cost possible

The Traditional Approach:

Many of the tasks required in the upgrade or retrofit of a mechanical system include mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and structural engineering, let alone controls. Traditionally, these areas are approached independent of each other. The completion of each area is what matters to those involved in that area. The sum of all the areas (the inclusive "system" itself) is not the primary focus (translation accountable) of any one trade in any one area. Ultimately, the end result is multiple "completed" areas that usually do not work together as the system that the owner figures he or she has paid for.

Simpson Controls Approach:

Our approach is to act as an extension of the building owner or property manager and to help define the roles, responsibilities and accountability measures for all those involved in a project or maintenance plan. Our goal is that all areas ultimately work together to produce the "system" that the owner expected in the first place.

This is our version of "Construction Management". While not perfect, it does bring all tasks under one umbrella, with one captain who oversees planning, execution and maintenance. Ultimately the building owner receives better value for each operating dollar spent.

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"Simpson Controls added tremendous expertise and practical experience right from the outset of the Glacier Toyota Project through their multi-dimensional design-build and manage role. As consultants responsible for planning the entire mechanical systems of the facility, their contributions and involvement at the early stage of concept design aided the entire design-team in achieving a holistic sustainable building approach that not only looked at issues of first capital cost but total life-cycle cost of operations of the facility. With Simpson Controls ability to fully utilize digital building controls technologies and provide the Owner user-friendly, real-time system / operational data through their remote access Energy Management System software, the building operational use patterns can be easily be determined and checked against the original design assumptions of the facility, allowing for adjustments and providing optimization capabilities, so critical for sustainable buildings. Furthermore, working with the staff of Simpson Controls was truly an enjoyable experience, as the work and project communications was always done promptly, professionally and courteously. It is without hesitation that I recommend Simpson Controls to any team who wishes to add an experienced design-build and manage mechanical design / energy management group to their project."

Donal Yen (MAIBC, MRAIC)