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"Simpson Controls added tremendous expertise and practical experience right from the outset of the Glacier Toyota Project through their multi-dimensional design-build and manage role. As consultants responsible for planning the entire mechanical systems of the facility, their contributions and involvement at the early stage of concept design aided the entire design-team in achieving a holistic sustainable building approach that not only looked at issues of first capital cost but total life-cycle cost of operations of the facility. With Simpson Controls ability to fully utilize digital building controls technologies and provide the Owner user-friendly, real-time system / operational data through their remote access Energy Management System software, the building operational use patterns can be easily be determined and checked against the original design assumptions of the facility, allowing for adjustments and providing optimization capabilities, so critical for sustainable buildings. Furthermore, working with the staff of Simpson Controls was truly an enjoyable experience, as the work and project communications was always done promptly, professionally and courteously.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Simpson Controls to any team who wishes to add an experienced design-build and manage mechanical design / energy management group to their project."

Colin Reid (CEO), Kamloops Community YMCA YWCA

"For the past twenty five years I have had a long association with Chuck Simpson and Simpson Controls where I can easily echo many of the positive comments made by other Simpson Control Customers that result in jobs done right time and time again. The most recent experience we had was on a design, supply, install, control and make it work program for a multi zone variable speed HVAC system as part of a retrofit to a 1970�s building. Simpson Controls met our budget, sourced components and custom made other components in order to fit the project into their schedule and got it done within our timeline. As promised it works. It was easy from the customers end to deal with one contractor, and it reflects Simpson Controls approach of meeting the needs of their customers. Without hesitation I would recommend Simpson Controls for like related jobs."

Oleg J. Marcinski (P.Eng.), Vancouver Island Health Authority

"I am responsible for the building automation system at Royal Jubilee Hospital and I work alongside many contractors that help me maintain the integrity of our network. The support I receive from Simpson Controls is, in a word, outstanding, excellent and without equal. OK, that's more than one word! But it reflects the way I feel about Simpson Controls' comprehensive approach, from design suggestions to emergency services 24/7, to their excellent installation practices, and to their technical support that spans the complete spectrum of hardware and software components that make up a DDC network. They are honest, ethical and eminently approachable; they love a good challenge, and they love to challenge me too! And they always keep the coffee on and hot if you drop in for a visit! I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone considering improving the management of energy use in the mechanical systems of their facilities or homes."

Sierd Hortsing, City of Victoria

"Almost 15 years of continuous service from Simpson Controls; honest, committed, and there when you need them...what more could you ask for from a service provider?"

Scott Olesiuk, Glacier Toyota

"The Team at Simpson Controls has been great to deal with through our design/build process. Chuck and Guido stepped up and provided us with ideas and options for our HVAC that were not typically found in the auto industry. Their knowledge and expertise provided us with a System which creates a comfortable, healthy environment for our staff and guests while helping to reduce our energy consumption."

Larry Norman, Vancouver Island Health Authority

"Before taking the position as Energy Management Coordinator for the Vancouver Island Health Authority - South, I was the Assistant Chief Engineer for 18 years at Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria. I had direct supervision over the operation and maintenance of the main boiler plant, machine shop, welding shop and all HVAC equipment. In this position I have entered into numerous supply and maintenance contracts dating back to 1984 with Simpson Controls Ltd. The hospital's HVAC systems were controlled by DDC, pneumatic and electronic controls supplied by the big 3 control companies, Johnson, Honeywell and Siemens. I have had the privilege of working with all members of the staff at Simpson's and I have found each person to be of the highest quality both professionally and personally. I would recommend Simpson Controls to supply, install, maintain and troubleshoot problems with any type of control system".

Peter Williams, Vancouver Island Health Authority

"Simpson Controls have worked with us here at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria for fifteen years plus. They have been involved with new installations, repairs and upgrades of the Seimens building control systems. We are very pleased with the way everything has been handled. They work with us to achieve what we want, have been readily available and have responded quickly to any emergencies that have come up.

Their staff is very highly trained and has been very co-operative while working with us and understanding the circumstances involved in the hospital environment. I would highly recommend Simpson Controls to do work involved with the Seimens control systems".

Paul Sadler, Vancouver Island Health Authority

"I've been working closely with Chuck Simpson and his team for 7 years now and find them to be excellent. Their knowledge about all the different aspects of building system automation and controls is second to none. They are able to work through the various challenges of a hospital environment utilizing their background of knowledge gained from years of experience in a wide range of fields. I highly recommend Simpson Controls and their friendly and professional staff".

Bruce Tanner, Crystal Gardens

"I have used the services of Simpson Controls for over four years now. I have found them always to be both professional and reliable. When the Crystal Garden decided to switch the building controls to a digital "Energy Management System" it was a very tricky change over. Unlike an office building where it is not as critical during the switch over period, it is extremely critical and vital that the animals and plants not experience wild temperature fluctuations. Simpson Controls designed a system and orchestrated the change over masterfully. This is not to say that there were no problems, but the problems were dealt with immediately and in a courteous and professional manner. Based on my experience with Simpson Controls, I would have no problem recommending their services. If you require further information please do not hesitate to call".

Tom Shadlock, Brentwood College

"Simpson Controls has become a critical extension of our maintenance team. We have arrived at a great partnership between outsourcing our controls system and internal maintenance of it. Working with their team, we have had steady decreases in fuel and electrical consumption since 1998. We have some of the most high tech buildings on Vancouver island, with an internal network allowing any technician to modify controls conditions in any building from anywhere on campus. We have just recently piloted a project with Simpson Controls to utilize their engineering division which has allowed us to simplify our new building projects by decreasing the number of sub consultants".

Jerry Pecush, Midwest Property Management

"Since assuming maintenance and management of the mechanical systems on one of our properties a number of inherent problems have been identified and subsequently resolved leading to improved operating efficiencies and tenant comfort. Based on Simpson Controls Ltd. knowledge and responsiveness I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone".

Peter Skilton, Vancouver Island West School District 84

"Simpson Controls have been very prompt in helping us with our HVAC issues. Their knowledge of our facilities, expertise in their field and personable service makes it easier to get the job done".

Angela Bell, Colliers International Property Management

"I have no hesitation in recommending Simpson Controls to any building owner or property manager. The level of expertise and professionalism is extremely high".

Allen Lynch, The ARC Group

"I have been very impressed with Simpson Controls' professionalism in designing and building systems for interior environmental control. They are able to understand and address a client's concern for employee comfort as well as operating efficiencies and installation costs. I would certainly recommend them for anyone contemplating work requiring a sophisticated understanding of HVAC systems".

John Franken, Bulkley Valley Christian High School

"Simpson Controls was involved in the DDC aspect of our recent HVAC upgrade. We appreciated their conscientious effort to meet our needs, communicate with us, and the thorough manner in which questions were answered. They have a wealth of practical knowledge which they are applying to our system as they continue to fine tune it."

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