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Simpson Controls is one of two registered York "Liberties" dealers on Vancouver Island. We supply and install York Heat Pumps to both the residential and commercial market, offer a 10 Year parts AND LABOUR warranty and can educate you on the specific steps required to qualify for various Government Grants available to help subsidize your investment.

We have successfully integrated Heat Pump technology into our Energy Management Solutions for both the moderate climate of Southern BC, as well as the colder climate of Northern BC.

Below are videos that help explain Heat Pump Technology, its benefits, and what factors to consider when purchasing a heat pump. (Please note...the faster your Internet connection...the faster the videos will load.)

1. Heat Pump Basics. What you need to know.
View / Download (Flash Video | Length: 4:42)

2. Has your home been remodeled?
View / Download (Flash Video | Length: 0:30)

3. Are you more concerned with initial cost or long-term savings?
View / Download (Flash Video | Length: 1:13)

4. Improving indoor air quality. Does anyone in your family suffer from hay fever or allergies?
View / Download (Flash Video | Length: 1:20)

5. Consistent temperature throughout home.
View / Download (Flash Video | Length: 2:19)

6. Reduce winter dry air.
View / Download (Flash Video | Length: 0:39)

7. Reduce summer humidity.
View / Download (Flash Video | Length: 1:04)

8. Dependable service.
View / Download (Flash Video | Length: 0:36)

9. Quiet operation.
View / Download (Flash Video | Length: 1:44)

10. Warranty.
View / Download (Flash Video | Length: 0:36

11. Lower utility bills.
View / Download (Flash Video | Length: 1:32)

12. Environmentally friendly technology.
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"I am responsible for the building automation system at Royal Jubilee Hospital and I work alongside many contractors that help me maintain the integrity of our network. The support I receive from Simpson Controls is, in a word, outstanding, excellent and without equal. OK, that's more than one word! But it reflects the way I feel about Simpson Controls' comprehensive approach, from design suggestions to emergency services 24/7, to their excellent installation practices, and to their technical support that spans the complete spectrum of hardware and software components that make up a DDC network. They are honest, ethical and eminently approachable; they love a good challenge, and they love to challenge me too! And they always keep the coffee on and hot if you drop in for a visit! I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone considering improving the management of energy use in the mechanical systems of their facilities or homes."

Oleg J Marcinski (P.Eng.)
Vancouver Island Health Authority